F1 2020 Mod/Alpha/READ DESCRIPTION!!!/v0.3

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Author: Kebabus

Last revision: 23 Feb, 2020 at 11:18 UTC

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This is alpha of F1 2020 Mod. Keep in mind that there might be some bugs and gameplay may be disbalanced. There are no car models/liveries yet as well as drivers/staff of other series than F1 and real sponsors. THIS MOD ISN’T MEANT TO BE PLAYED IN OTHER MODE THAN F1.

Mod features:
-Real life F1 drivers and staff (F2, F3, Indycar, FE, LMP1, LMP2 is work in progress)
-Cars and teams performances based on last year and predictions for next year.
-Real life part suppliers
-Real life F1 journalists and media
-Overhauled F1 rules (no promotions, 3-stage qualifying, ers etc.)

Every driver, staff member, supplier, journalist, team etc. that I will add will come with complete picture, statistics, age etc. overhaul.

Things that aren’t in the mod yet but I have plans to do them:
-Real life F1 car models and liveries (after winter testing, maybe after few races)
-Real life F2, F3, Indycar, FE, LMP1, LMP2 drivers, staff etc. (soon)
-Real life F1 cars performances (after few races)
-Drivers, teams, staff rebalance (after F1 cars performances and other series squads are completed)
-Real life sponsors (soon)
-Races pictures and names + 2020 start date (?)
-Create team overhaul (?)

Known bugs:
-Stars bug where sometimes potential shows as "full" star or doesn’t show at all (doesn’t affect the gameplay)
-Staff/pit crew quality sliders bug where sliders which you see at the beggining of the game and in home menu sometimes doesn’t represent in-game statistics (doesn’t affect the gameplay)
-All 3 qualifying stages are 18 minutes long (does affect the gameplay in some degree but isn’t critical, fix will come soon)

Keep in mind that it is my first mod that I have ever made. I had to learn how to use unity, modding tools etc. from 0. A lot of things I’m trying to figure out by myself so I can’t guarantee any specific update date.

-20/02/2020 (update v0.2), small team logos improvement
-23/02/2020 (update v0.3), crash after practice/q3/race fix, remake of team/supplier/championship/media logos and drivers/staff/journalist avatars, various balance changes