completely nude mod

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Author: Non

Last revision: 2 Jul, 2018 at 11:06 UTC

File size: 25.49 MB

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First.. I just want to share what I did, I may or may not update this mod in future.

This mod make your character default skin to naked.

It also make any cloths or armors invisible, so your character will always be naked (status change from armor will still apply).

You still have an option box to show helmet or not.

*NOTE* this mod will make male characters naked as well, but they will not have their male genital.

*note 2* the mod made by me but I use texture from someone else.
**because I’ve googled "nude mod torchlight 2" then I saw the texture from too many sites but I’m not sure which one is the original. And it’s only texture not a mod file, then I did the mod file from that texture.

*note 3* It’s big because I’m new to making mod and I know I probably didn’t optimize those files properly.

So if anyone have a way to reduce size feel free to do it to your version.

Have fun.