Units Overhaul

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Author: The_FreeMan

Last revision: 30 Dec, 2020 at 18:13 UTC

File size: 160 MB

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Let me know if there is some problem in mod, and share your suggestion what I need to add, fix or change.

Mod adds, fixes, changes:
– Voices to all factions.
– Unused skins for German Pilots.
– Backpack for GRM, UAF, Rebel and RF AT soldier.
– Ranks for US soldiers.
– Some changes to the skins.
– Leaning animations.

In the plans:
– Random texmod for Civilians and GRM Insurgents.
– Re-texture some skins.
– Replace reload animation for several AT weapons.
– Change character names and their portraits in some missions.

Recommended mods:
Modern Warfare 2019 – Soundtrack
Realistic Animations
Cover Snipe Re-animation (CTA Vanilla)

When update with new content will come out?
– When Half-Life 2: Episode 3 will come out, or in other word – Soonâ„¢ 😉
Actually, when my lazy ass will want to…

Special thanks:
– Digitalmindsoft.
– Best Way.
– Сreators of Cold War Mod.