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Author: NiTroUs*

Last revision: 9 Jun, 2020 at 21:31 UTC

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IMPORTANT : This mod is not maintained anymore and will never be updated again. At the current version (1.24), the mod works correctly.

Play in Sandbox mode. Unlimited money, unlimited components, everything unlocked and more.

Before enabling this mod, i strongly recommend you to save a backup of your savegames (check here for savegames path).

Please, keep in mind it will erase forever your savegame settings (e.g current balance, researches, inventory, etc.) when you load a savegame.

Don’t forget to subscribe to "Languages Module", this is a required item for this mod.

Feel free to translate this mod to another language (or improve translation) on Localizor[].

Translations by :
– English : NiTroUs*,
– French : NiTroUs*,
– German : Zagrthos,
– Italian : NiceDeveloper(mariomarietto),
– Norwegian : ViRuSZ,
– Portuguese (BR) : SenhorDosMortos[], Magi[], gabrielsxp[],
– Russian : dimon_7147, Redion[],
– Spanish : felieppe, JacknMax360[],
– Turkish : LadySmith[], ryouma[], Loelrin[]

Features :
* Unlimited money
* Unlimited components
* Unlock all researches
* Employees’ mood are set to 100% each day
* Employees’ base speed are set to 599%
* Employees are never sick
* All employees do not grow old
* Set level features for a website
* Set features efficiency percentage for a website
* Set number of registered users (up to 99 billion)
* Need more Sandbox features ? Tell me in the comments.

Next releases :
* The mod is not maintained anymore

An in-game Sandbox Mode will be added in the next releases of the game. You can check the progress status here[].

Thanks to :
jhovgaard for his amazing game (and future releases),
Freepik[] for the icon (licensed by CC 3.0 BY),
– All translators (check credits above)

Missing something in the description ? You have a suggestion to improve this mod ? Tell me in the comments. 🙂

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