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Author: Sowen

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the BTR60 at an early stage , no ceiling
one of Sowen’s best APC mods
12 seats , one driver , one HMG gunner and 10 passengers
just one frag can take all people on the vehicle
you can turn the baffle up or down by changing sight modes

the design of door is really a piece of &%*^

can replace jeep , mg jeep , apc and rhib

我目前最还原的载具之一,不论模型还是碰撞体积都很出色 , 12位,驾驶员加机枪手加10乘客 ,你可以切换瞄具的方式开关车窗挡板,也可以用二号武器的驾驶员观瞄来观察前方路况

tags: BTR , 60s , soviet , USSR , cold war , early , 移动式12位铁皮棺材, best , APC , mobile coffin, Africa , Asia

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