Morrows Deep (6-Man Party Version)

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Author: Artyoan

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The Rundown: This is Morrows Deep rebalanced and retooled for a six man party. It is intended to be played using the Unfinished Business mod and setting the party size to six.
-To change party size go to Gameplay > Tools > Adventure > Override party size to 6
-Link to the mod itself:

Substantial changes have been made to the campaign including:
-Every encounter contains more enemies
-The original Morrows Deep has 154 custom monsters, this has 229
-Some areas have additional prop changes

Morrows Deep original 4 man version:


The recently established trade city of Morrows Deep has been locked away from outsiders for unknown reasons. Your party has escorted a caravan across the badlands seeking entry, only to be denied. As a region known for old remnants of manacalon civilization buried below its surface, you will brave the underworld to solve this mystery.

Details: This is a full campaign and is a ‘soft’ sequel to The Forsaken Isle (link down below). You do NOT need to have played that campaign in order to follow the story here, but there are recurring plot elements, some returning characters, and it will be a better experience overall. The player party is an entirely different set of characters starting at level 1.

Link to The Forsaken Isle :
Link to The Forsaken Isle (6 man version) :

Duration: Should last roughly 50 hours on average. A lot of content is optional. (If you are playing on harder difficulties, this may take considerably longer)

Levels: Starts at level 1 and ends at level 15 depending on optional content completed.

Difficulty: The difficulty is intended to be moderate (on authentic). Anyone looking for a seasoned challenge should try Scavenger difficulty or higher. Since this requires the Unfinished Business mod, using the capabilities of the mod are expected. Many of these are quite powerful options.

Suggestions: A balanced party is likely best but nothing is necessary. I would strongly advise at least one high ac tank character (sentinel fighting style works excellent for them as well) and taking increased defensive options from spells/feats/subclasses for all characters. Another highly durable melee character and/or summons to hold the line is also a good idea. Buffing spells such as bless or debuffing/control spells like blindness, dread omen, and hypnotizing pattern were very valuable in my personal playthrough as well. Some decent ranged damage capability is also recommended. Be prepared to make use of consumable items. Good party synergy will go a long way.

Special Considerations:
-A wand of identify is available on vendors and one found in exploration.
-A periapt of the master enchanter (enables crafting if attuned) is available on a vendor as well.
-Crafting is fully implemented but isn’t necessary
-There are numerous custom weapons
-There are several side quests
-Charisma skills like persuasion, intimidation, and deception are used throughout the campaign
-Save often, especially prior to entering teleporters
-This can be played without UB for a super hard difficulty if desired

Known Bugs:
*If you are playing multiplayer, if the ending lore on leaving the final area does not properly transition you to allow for exporting characters, try saying ‘No’ on the prompt. If that doesn’t work, going through on single player, saving, then loading up back in multiplayer will work. Its a base game bug for any exit that has lore text attached.* version:


Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Solasta: Crown of the Magister - Lost Valley
Solasta: Crown of the Magister - Inner Strength

Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.