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Author: El1oN

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Ready to take your building experience up a notch? This is an add-on for the Building Menu that adds buildable objects from Dylan Tiles Tilepack.

Over 200 buildable objects:
  • Lab counters
  • Metal containers
  • Garden stuff: Crates, Plant Containers,
  • and much more

Frequently Asked Question:

Is it compatible with Multiplayer?

Yes! It has been extensively tested on a MP server!

Does it work on existing saves?

Absolutely! Enable it mid-save without issues. If you disable it you will lose your Military Crates!

My building isn’t recognized as an indoor space. What should I do?

For a solution, please refer to this video

I’m missing some items in the build menu. How do I find them?

To access all available buildables, you’ll need to activate them in the Sandbox settings (in single-player you can use Change Sandbox Options (by Star)), as some are initially disabled, such as metal drums, furniture, etc.

Does it work for all game versions?

Only tested and working on the latest game version (v41.78.16).


This mod inherits its core from More Builds by Project Sky. My mod revises object building methods and is incompatible with More Builds.

Glass items and methods to create them are sourced from Orc‘s mod Improvised Glass. Which is incompatible with this mod, because the windows are already added to the building menu.

41.78+ Propane Torch Fix is redundant because Building Menu already let’s you modify the Blow Torch uses in the Sandbox options.

Bug Reports:

Check the known issues list in the discussions thread first!


While the Building Menu mod can run as a standalone, I recommend using it alongside other tilepacks mods for a richer experience ( each addon needs the tilepack loaded before)

Be sure to load Building Menu Mod before any other addon to avoid any problems.

Thank You & Stay Safe:

Big shoutout to the Dawn of the Dead community for their invaluable support and bug-hunting assistance.
You can find me on their Discord [] server.

This mod was crafted with love, I hope it brings joy to your building adventures. And always remember – watch out for those zombies!


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This mod’s permissions fall under TIS’s policy On Lockdown []
This mod cannot be modified by anyone else, for anything else, at all, ever. Even if the user disappears, he or she would much rather you didn’t touch the fruits of their hard labour.


Workshop ID: 3137091698
Mod ID: BuildingMenuDylanAddon

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