HIP – Better Balkans & Carpathians

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Author: TheDovahkiin97

Last revision: 24 Oct, 2019 at 21:08 UTC (1)

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This is an overhaul of the Balkans & Carpathians
displayed in the "Historical Immersion Project"[ck2.paradoxwikis.com]

UPDATE v7.3 for:

HIP Golden4 2019-10-24[forum.paradoxplaza.com]
CK2 3.3[ck2.paradoxwikis.com]

"HIP – More Cultural Names" Submod
I contributed South Slavic localisations all over the Balkans, Carpathians and Alps
"HIP – Renascentia Romanorum" Submod
you could play Romans in 867

  • Cultures/Religions Marked with blue dots in the pictures
  • Carpathian "Ужок/Uzhok" pass from Zemplén to Peremyshl and Halich
  • Renamed "Vodica" to "Pset"
  • Slight shape edit of Aquileia, Görz, Lika, Vodica, Vrbaš, Donji Kraji, Podrinje, Podgorje, Polimlje
    Marked in the picture with a blue layer
  • HIP has 4 wrongly located baronies in this region, my mod adds +5 = 9
    Only HIP devs can fix this ultimately
Better Bulgaria:
  • Pliska is the capital in 867
  • New "Pajonski" (Paeonian) south slavic culture, representing the pre-bulgarian population
  • The nobility of Bulgaria is "Bolghar" in 867
  • New maintenance free Bolghar "horde" composed of 1275 soldiers for the King
    which disbands with the next event
  • Decision "Council of Preslav" appears, which fires an invitation for the lords of Bulgaria
    if Preslav and Ohrid are owned and the year is 893 or later
    Followed by the Council itself after 20 days
    1. Makes Preslav the capital
    2. Banishes Graeco-Roman lords out of the realm
    3. Makes Tengrist/Bolghar provinces Christian
    4. Makes the King, his court and Preslav Bulgarian,
      which will spread slowly over neighbouring Bolghar/Paeonian provinces and vassals
      if they are Christian
    5. The Bolghar/Paeonian vassals will support the Reformation
      but the Graeco-Roman Emperor will oppose it
    6. Tengrist players can choose to stay tengrist but get blinded and imprisoned
  • Skopje, Ohrid and Tarnovo are capitals through history
  • CoA and name change of Bulgaria to "Pajonija" if paeonians own it
  • 15 new random paeonian dynasties representing the local slavic tribes/regions
Better Hungary:
  • Syrmia is de jure Croatia in 867 and becomes de jure Hungary
    if a ruler of any title in Syrmia is hungarian
  • Division of the Moravian Kingdom to Bohemia and Hungary if the title has no holder
  • All Provinces which got hungarian through history,
    will become hungarian/tengrist within the improved conquest
  • Khazar culture appears within the Hungarian Conquest and turns Székely
    when the provinces take any Christianity
  • Cultural division of White Croatia if all white Croatian rulers are erased
Better Croatia:

867: As soon as the Byzantine Empire is at peace, it will declare war on Croatia
to press the claim of the leader in Korčula over Croatia
After the war:

  1. Force abdicating everything the Domagojević dynasty members hold
    to the leader of Korčula and banishing them
  2. Croatia will be granted tributary independence
  3. The Emperor has the choice to keep them as vassals instead

There are three ways to survive as the Domagojević’s:
1. Win the war 2. Vassalize yourself 3. Found the croatian Kingdom
1010: Appearance of Bosnian culture/Bogomilist religion
if religious authority of any local Christianity falls under 30%



  • White Croatia is tribal/pagan, got a titular "Horvati" title, the dynasty is called "Horvat"
    and the first heir "Ljudemisl" is renamed to "Laborec"
  • The vassals of the Balaton Duke "Kocel" are now carantanian like in vanilla
  • Renamed the "Neretljani" pagans to "Neretvani",
    the croatian ruler to "Uneslav" and his son to "Diodur"
  • "Borubutze Višević" ruler of Chelmia is independent, croatian and his name is "Višeta Višević"
  • The leaders of the "Bolohoveni" Romanians are slavic pagans until conversion
  • Syrmia is feudal and ruled by the duke of Mačva
  • Switched the avar "Isbulid" tribe in Csongrád with the slavic tribe in Fejér
    and made them vassals of the bulgarian vassal Zalan
  • The Avar Khan is inside Bulgaria and liege of all other Avar rulers
  • Replaced the avar "Umorid" tribe from Transylvania to Zaránd
  • Bessarabia is under Bulgarian rule
  • Yassy is under the rule of the russian "Tivertsy" tribe


  • Bodin Vojislavljević: orthodox -> catholic
  • Euphrosyne of Kiev: birth from 1140 to 1145
  • Slavs/Romanians have a slighly higher chance to convert Avar and Bolghar provinces
    if the religion is their own and there is a neighbouring province of their culture
    Same for Paeonians over Bulgarians
  • The Bolghar culture will spread very slow inside the Bulgarian Kingdom
  • The "Neretvani" pagans are playable as raiders/seafarers
  • Croatians use South Slavic Gusar light cavalry,
    retinue subunits, bosnian combat tactics and the serbian cultural modifier
  • Added/Edited names of historical characters, random names and dynasties for South Slavs
  • Better patronyms, prefixes and letters for south slavic cultures
  • The "Slavianska Vera" faith is renamed to "Slovenska Vera"
  • The russian cultural name "Rusisku" is replaced with "Ruski"
  • The Moravský/Karantánski/Arbëreshë cultures use their vanilla color codes

Every change is documented with sources and explanations in
this Release Thread[forum.paradoxplaza.com]

I am not here to denounce people, nations, religions or to propagate any kind of Balkan-famous idiotism.
The goal is to forge an as accurate as possible picture of medieval Balkans/Carpathians, because in my eyes this region has not got enough love yet.

Appropriate suggestions will be appreciated

You can do whatever you want with my mod. Ideally merge it into base HIP if you are a dev 🙂

Required items:

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