Taped TV Shows

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Author: Tiax

Last revision: 1 Aug, 2021 at 20:27 UTC (2)

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If you’re tired of starting out games as a couch potato, always near a TV to not miss those juicy XP points, then this may be the mod you’re looking for!

Video tapes of your favourite 25 TV show episodes can now be randomly found in certain locations, there’s also a rare chance to get them as loot from Zombies. Just slide them into any VHS-compatible TV (sorry Antique Television, you had it coming!) and enjoy the shows "on-demand" from your collection, including any skill XP gain, stress and boredom reduction that come from it. Thanks to the power of lazy developers, you don’t even need to rewind tapes!

In new games, you will only gain the XP points for watching a show for the first time. In existing games, you’ll gain the XP again, even when you’ve already seen the show during its regular broadcast time (before the mod was installed). The vanilla game does unfortunately not keep track of what you watched already, so that’s a thing you can chose yourself whether to exploit or not.

Compatibility notes: Tested and working on IWBUMS build 41.52. May conflict with other mods overriding ISRadioInteractions.

See sources on Github[github.com].

Workshop ID: 2284317690
Mod ID: TapedTvShows


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