UAF Mod (Iraqi civil war bonus mission added) (已集成中文汉化)

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Authors: husky, OJ_Tasso

Last revision: 23 Feb, 2021 at 20:58 UTC

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*** BONUS MISSION ADDED (Iraq,2014 You have to defeat ISIS in a realistic mission) ***

– The bonus mission is about halting a major ISIS offenisive with up to 4 friends or just you alone.
Combat will be around 500 – 700 m and the units under your command will be the Iraqi Army and the Popular Mobilization Forces!

TURN UP THE MUSIC VOLUME TO MAXIMUM IN THE OPTIONS (So that you dont miss the awesome sound effects. They are very important to the mission)
Oh and please DO NOT activate the Fog of War!

– Added new, awesome unit icons for the bonus mission
– Added chinese localization (game language has to be set as chinese)
– Added T72M1
– Added Flags
– Added Realistic Movement (from the mod: Realistic Movement)

* ISF = Iraqi Security Forces (Police, Army)
* PMU = Popular Mobilization Forces / Hashd al-Shaabi
* ISIS = Islamic State in Iraq and al Sham

! Please do not be sectarian or racist in the comments !

If you know the name of the soundtrack at the end, please tell me the name of it, so that I can give credits to the people who made it.

I decided to make this mission to bring a fresh change and as a reward for the support for the mod and I will focus my time towards the UAF Campaign again in the future.
After the finishing the UAF Campaign, Ill bring a Iraqi campaign with missions like these. So this one is a taste.

– English
– Chinese

I recommend trying classic direct control aswell so that you dont get tunnel vision

The UAF? Who are they?
They are more than just the "bad guys" who oppress their people.
This is their unofficial story

I also have reworked the grm and uaf faction for multiplayer.

I added even more sounds:
– M240B
– AK series
– M16 seriers
– DshK and NSV
– SVD Rifle

I have added new skins:
PMU Full American Gear
ISF Full American Gear
ISIS Uniforms (UAF T2 + headscarves and normal heads, no cap)
ISF and PMU Uniforms
ISF, PMU and ISIS skins for the UAF Humvee

Soldiers are finally talking, screaming and yelling in combat (sounds from another mod, see credits in the mod folder)
Vehicle sounds are from another mod too

I encourage you to use my (and others, see credits) stuff to make your own missions or mods. if you want to do a yt series on that mod, then np just have fun.

Credits are in the mod folder (a lot stuff from other people is in the mod, so check them out) in a text file